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Charitable Remainder Trusts: Types and Uses

The foundation of philanthropy has long been charitable giving. People love contributing to causes that are close to their hearts. For those who wish to support charitable organizations while also benefiting from tax advantages and income streams, charitable remainder annuity…

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Special Needs Programs Offered by the Government

Individuals with special needs can take advantage of several programs and services offered by the federal government. These programs are vital to parents and guardians supporting loved ones with disabilities. Parents raising children with special needs require nearly twenty percent…

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Keeping Your Pets Safe with Pet Trusts

You know how much joy and comfort your pet gives you. It is likely that you consider your pet a valuable member of the family. Since you love them, you give them the best life you can. But what if…

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Preparing for Baby Boomer Retirement Challenges

Baby boomers continue to "gray" the nation, influencing the way states set budgets and healthcare policies. More attention will be paid to the needs of people under the age of 50 with changing attitudes towards working past age 65. Retirement doesn’t necessarily…

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A Guide to Special Needs Trusts

Trusts are generally created when someone or a company manages assets on behalf of another person. The person or entity is known as the trustee and has the responsibility of making decisions in the best interest of the trust beneficiary.…

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LGBTQIA+ Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

No matter what your gender identity or sexual orientation, estate planning is essential for protecting your assets, wishes, and loved ones. Estate planning allows you to designate your partner, whether you are married or not, as the person who can…

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The Guardianship or Conservatorship of an Adult with Disabilities

Legal arrangements such as guardianships and conservatorships are available to individuals with developmental disabilities who are incapable of making important decisions or caring for themselves during adulthood. Establishing a legal guardian is the job of the court, which appoints a…

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Making End-of-Life Plans with an Elder Law Attorney

There is nothing more difficult than talking about death, preparing for it can make it seem even harder. However, end-of-life planning is an important part of estate planning. No one wants their family to have to make emergency medical decisions…

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