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Preventing Medicaid Penalties

A person must meet the Medicaid program's income and asset requirements in order to qualify for a nursing home, assisted living, or in-home care. As a result of these rules, many candidates give away their money and resources to qualify.…

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Gifting Assets and Potential Medicaid Penalties

Medicaid is a federal-state program that helps low-income seniors with limited assets and incomes afford long-term care and healthcare. Many seniors believe their only option to qualify for the program is to “spend down” their assets. While this is true…

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How are Medicaid and Medicare Different?

In the healthcare industry, the acronym LASA, which stands for “look-alike-sound-alike” is used when referring to medications.  When it comes to federal programs, Medicaid and Medicare, in written form, look alike and they do sound alike but work very differently.…

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Tips for Understanding Medicare

Navigating Medicare can sometimes seem like going through a maze. On the one hand, Medicare is obviously a good resource because it provides medical benefits to seniors who are often on a fixed income. On the other hand, however, navigating…

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Are Medicare and Social Security at Risk of Insolvency?

A government study found that Medicare and Social Security are at risk of collapse. Unless action is taken, Social Security will exceed its income by 2020, whereas Medicare is projected to exceed its hospital insurance fund by 2026. Social Security…

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Be Careful with Inheritances and Medicaid

When it comes to inheritances and Medicaid, mistakes can be made. Those mistakes can be costly. When a person is drawing Medicaid benefits and inherits money or property, that inheritance jeopardizes the benefits. The inheritance must be handled carefully to…

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