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Children with Special Needs – Lifetime Money Management

The estate planning of children with special needs presents a unique challenge. Optimizing your estate to use, enhance, and enrich assets for your special needs child while maintaining their enrollment in public benefits programs requires careful planning. An estate planning…

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What Can a Creditor Do to Disrupt a Probate

It is the responsibility of a personal representative (executor) to publish a public record of the date of death of a testator, usually in a local newspaper. In part, this information serves as notice to creditors if the decedent has…

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A Guide for Seniors on Estate Planning

Estate planning is considered essential by most older adults. Yet, nearly half of Americans age 55 or more do not have a will, and even fewer have designated powers of attorney, a living will, or health care directives. These documents…

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What COVID-19 Means for Advance Directives

The importance of advance care planning and directives is as strong as ever after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Responses to vaccinations and understanding their efficacy, reinfection potential, and long-haul symptoms resulting from COVID-19 continue to baffle our scientific understanding. It…

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Even if You Have a Will, Will That Be Enough?

A will protect your assets and leaves no doubt as to the wishes of your successors, so if you've already created one, congratulations are in order - you're already ahead of the game! While a will is a necessary document…

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Managing Probate Litigation Risks

Litigation over probate can be triggered by many family circumstances. Still, there are two fundamental reasons: families disagree with how to handle a mentally incapacitated family member or, after death, disagreements regarding the dissolution of the estate. High-risk factors that…

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How to Choose and Appoint Your Legal Representatives

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have learned life is unpredictable. Too many aging Americans found themselves with a life-threatening COVID-19 illness in 2020 without legal documents naming trusted loved ones to make decisions for their well-being while…

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The Procedure for Settling an Estate Without a Will

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports that the overall percentage of older Americans without a will remains unchanged. Remarkably, younger adults with a will show an increase of sixty-three percent comparative to pre-pandemic times. This 18 – 34…

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