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The Guardianship or Conservatorship of an Adult with Disabilities

Legal arrangements such as guardianships and conservatorships are available to individuals with developmental disabilities who are incapable of making important decisions or caring for themselves during adulthood. Establishing a legal guardian is the job of the court, which appoints a…

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Education Trends for Children with Special Needs

As staff shortages, cyber threats, and school violence increase, external forces are reshaping special education needs in K-12. The Covid-19 pandemic and video homeschooling have spawned a growing need for mental health support to treat depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention.…

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Managing Claim Denials for Disability Benefits

Individuals can appeal a denial of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  The appeal process typically involves requesting a reconsideration of the claim, followed by a hearing before an administrative law judge, and a review by…

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Taxes and Trusts for Children with Special Needs

In order to provide for the needs of a child with special needs or a disabled relative, many families create and fund a special needs trust. It can provide peace of mind to improve a family member’s future quality of…

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Employment Qualifiers and SSDI Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are determined by how many work credits you have earned and how long you have worked. You need at least 40 credits, with 20 earned in the last ten years. The number of credits…

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Supporting Adult Children with Disabilities

It is a responsive, ongoing process for parents to plan for the future well-being of their adult children with disabilities. A Journal of the American Medical Association reports the life expectancy of adults with Down Syndrome has increased from 25…

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