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Stigmas Surrounding Alzheimer’s Disease

It can be difficult for the entire family when someone is losing their memory. The person who has been the head of the family may soon fade from the person they once were, leaving their loved ones to wonder what…

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What COVID-19 Means for Advance Directives

The importance of advance care planning and directives is as strong as ever after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Responses to vaccinations and understanding their efficacy, reinfection potential, and long-haul symptoms resulting from COVID-19 continue to baffle our scientific understanding. It…

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It’s Not Always Better to Give Than to Receive

If it is possible that a loved one will need Medicaid assistance within the next few years, that person should not give gifts. This can be sad if that person gets joy out of generosity. But gifts in that situation…

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Hearing Loss Poses Unexpected Health Risks

According to a 10-year study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), hearing loss has been linked to a variety of health risks. The risks include a 50% greater risk of dementia, a 40% greater risk of developing…

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Gifting Assets and Potential Medicaid Penalties

Medicaid is a federal-state program that helps low-income seniors with limited assets and incomes afford long-term care and healthcare. Many seniors believe their only option to qualify for the program is to “spend down” their assets. While this is true…

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Even if You Have a Will, Will That Be Enough?

A will protect your assets and leaves no doubt as to the wishes of your successors, so if you've already created one, congratulations are in order - you're already ahead of the game! While a will is a necessary document…

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Managing Probate Litigation Risks

Litigation over probate can be triggered by many family circumstances. Still, there are two fundamental reasons: families disagree with how to handle a mentally incapacitated family member or, after death, disagreements regarding the dissolution of the estate. High-risk factors that…

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How to Choose and Appoint Your Legal Representatives

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have learned life is unpredictable. Too many aging Americans found themselves with a life-threatening COVID-19 illness in 2020 without legal documents naming trusted loved ones to make decisions for their well-being while…

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